Contributed by: Rosemary Mullally

West African Griots are historians, storytellers, traditional praise singers and musicians. Their roles are hereditary and their surnames identify them as Griots. For example, Toumani Diabate of Mali comes from 70 generations of Griots. His father, Sidiki Diabate was considered the “King of the Kora” in Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali and The Gambia. When he died, memorials were held in each of these countries, attended by foreign diplomats, government officials and musicians. The most famous Griot in each of these countries was chosen to preside over the memorials and to celebrate the life of Sidiki Diabate by “singing his praises” and recounting his life story.

Malian Griots, both women and men, are always present at the social rites; birth, marriage and death. Many Griots are “family Griots” and have been associated with a single family for generations. These Griots are the repositories of the family’s genealogy and history. During a marriage ceremony, it is not unusual for the family Griot to recount the story of an ancestor’s marriage that occurred centuries ago; detailing gifts given, attendants and the beauty of the bride.

In a given community, a Griot who attends a social occasion usually knows everyone and their families. To honor a guest or host, the Griot will recount a story about their family and/or praise the person’s business acumen, number of children, honesty and generosity. This praise singing is usually accompanied by the traditional music of the djembe, balafon and kora. During the event, in acknowledgment of the Griot’s talent and praises, cash gifts are given, the size of the gift dependent upon the renown of the Griot and the affluence of the host and guests. Competitions in gift giving frequently occur, adding to the reputation of the most generous giver and occasioning louder and longer praises from the Griot.

As an African American living in a country and a society of Africans, I can’t help but feel proud, yet saddened. Proud that not every part of our African culture was erased by our enforced journey into slavery, yet saddened that so much of our history and knowledge is lost. African American Griots do exist in the form of our historians, writers, actors, musicians, parents, grandparents and our selves. We sing the praises of our ancestors, we tell their stories, we give them their rightful place in history and we are the keepers of their memories.

As we research our families, let us become a part of the gift giving competition, bestowing our gifts of knowledge upon our fellow Griots, sharing information and resources, praising each other’s successes. May our loud and long praises echo down the centuries, from generation to generation, never ending.

Rosemary Mullally
American Grio
Bamako , Mali


This site is dedicated to assisting all of those in pursuit of loi pinel ascendants descendants by being a central depository for African American records of historical proportion.
Organization of resources is by States and Projects/Databases. The Project Pages are databases for individuals and records pertaining to groups of people.

U. S. African American Griots Founders

Charee Harvey

Website Coordinator

My name is Charee Jackson Harvey. I have always had an interest in my family’s humble beginnings. It was inspired by my Great Grandmother Chaney McDuffie who was born in Georgia in March of 1868. Family members would talk about her long beautiful hair and her love for the children in the family as well as her being born the day after her parents were freed. I was fortunate to spend time with her before she died in March of 1963.

It was years after before I decided to work on building the family’s lineage. When I decided to, I had no idea of where to begin so I naturally started with those that I knew. By the time my daughter left home and my son went to the military I had acquired the skill of asking questions. Questions, that only peaked my curiosity more. When I discovered the magical world of the internet, I knew I had arrived. I learned to surf, search, and finally to email. What a concept.

Since my journey with Genealogy began in 1992 I have managed to build a lineage of over 3700 strong. Others may boast more but for me as an African American, I feel proud of my accomplishment. I learned early that without sources my research was useless so of course they had to be included which opened me to knowledge of my heritage which truly amazed me.

My journey reached a milestone when I made a trip to Georgia and surveyed a cemetery which I wrote about and submitted to Rootsweb Review. They published the article and a couple of years later Reunions Magazine asked my permission to publish the same article. I have surveyed cemeteries, traveled to courthouses in other States, spent numerous hours in libraries as well as on the internet in my quest to search my roots.

I never knew much about the Jackson side of my family except for them being from the State of Kentucky. I learned of them thru a sequence of events at a time that was very unexpected. Today I know more than I ever thought was possible through the wonderful world of Genealogy. When I started my research on my Jackson family, I made trips to Kentucky especially with research in mind since the family moved to other areas. My Great-Great Grandfather Thomas Jackson was born in Bourbon Co., Kentucky. He had a total of 15 children. The last family member that I know of from Bourbon County passed in 2004. I was fortunate enough to interview her before her passing. The interview was a very important one considering she was the last of her generation. Today my research is focused on finding Thomas Jackson's siblings and other related family members from Bourbon and surrounding counties.

In 2004, I was fortunate enough to meet Jerry Taylor. She posted to a message board that I administer; we have been friends ever since. When I met her she was in the process of building a website for a County in which her interest lie. I agreed to help her with the African American portion of her website and from there “Kentucky African American Griot's” was born. The union we have formed has been one of friendship and love. I remember when we started talking about this project. I knew I wanted to be a part of it but Jerry must have thought I was taking too long so she said she would start without me. Of course I couldn’t let that happen.

Today Kentucky African American Griot's has turned out to be an important part of both of us. After working with Jerry to make the Kentucky website a site worth searching, the decision was made to work on other states. From this decision "U.S. (United States) African American Griots" was created. With very little knowledge of web-design, some data for particular parts of Georgia and Florida, and very few resources for states outside of my family research, I knew this would a challenge. We worked and continue to work diligently to better this site. Since starting U.S. African American Griots in late October, I have encountered trials and errors in web-design and have come to realize more than ever how scarce African American resources are.

The scarcity of our resources is the primary reason this site has been created. The goals today are the same as they were when KY African American Griots was started; to become a repository for African American genealogy and history. Since starting this site I have become the administrator of four African American message boards, done census lookups and assisted other researchers in their research. I am also working with a friend whose interested in starting a genealogy column in his local newspaper.

My personal dream is for each state to be represented and for each state to have its own coordinators as well as having the African American culture and traditions represented. I would also like to see the site become a valuable tool for students researching African Americans. I have requested approval from USGenWeb to become a member of their family which will open doors for other researchers to join in on the project.

My dream and Jerry's of what U.S. African American Griots should be is a work in progress and will take time to develop as well as participation from other researchers of African American genealogy and history. This is why contributions are so important. Visitors to the site have been generous with their materials and they are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your contributions to this project and please continue to contribute and visit.

Thank you for taking the time to find out who I am and enjoy the site.


Jerry Taylor

Project Associate

My journey into genealogy began in 1983 at the request of my grandmother in hopes of learning more about the paternal side of my family, who were from the mountains of southeastern Kentucky. I was born there and it is where I lived until an early age, when we then moved to the Bluegrass Region of the state. All of my roots are tied to the hills and hollows of southeast Kentucky and it is the foundation for all that I am today.

Since beginning genealogy, I have done extensive research on my lineage and two years ago I published a book documenting my families heritage. The majority of my family research was done the old fashioned way with lots of legwork, which included countless hours at the KY Department of Archives and the KY History Center. I was slow to learn about the "information highway" and all of the possibilities that existed with it. Once I finally got my feet wet, I realized that I could share my research with everyone who was interested through the web and so, in the fall of 2001 my first website went online. I now have a total of four websites and my roll in each is not merely as a webmaster but also as a researcher, which gives me the opportunity to do two things that I love, research and web building.

\I'm only an amateur at web building, but I learned at the very beginning the importance of documentation and until recently I had always considered myself a good researcher. The year 2004 marked a new beginning in research for me as I started a quest to document an African American family. That's when I suddenly hit the famous 1870 brick wall. Until that time I was oblivious to the difficulties involved in African American research. Loving genealogy and helping others with their lineage, I knew that I wanted to do all that I could to help African Americans with their research. While working with Charee, I found a way to at least do a small part by contributing records from the county in which I live. Not long into our project, we both realized that there was a need to broaden our area of research to surrounding counties and from there the decision was made that we should cover the entire state of Kentucky and the concept of Kentucky African American Griot's was born with the goal of being a centralized location for African American research in Kentucky. Within two days, KYAA Griot's went online and soon afterwards became a member of the USGenWeb as part of KyGenWeb's Special Collections Project. Later in the year we recognized that further expansion was needed and U.S. African American Griot's was born. Our goals for USAAG are the same as with KYAAG, to assist all those in search of the African American roots in the United States. We firmly believe that there is a great future ahead for both projects. Charee and I live it and breath it on a daily bases and we share the same passion and drive to see that they become all that they can be.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us in making these sites what they are today. Your support and generous contributions have been overwhelming. For those who would like to make a contribution, please do. These are projects are in need of input from everyone with an interest in African American research to meet their full potential.

Thank you and may God bless you all,

Jerry Taylor

Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to assisting all those in pursuit of African American Ancestry and History in the United States and other countries by being a valuable centralized resource repository for African American records of historical proportion such as Manumission Orders, Wills & Deeds, Census Records, Slave Records, Land Deeds, Narratives, Cemetery listings, Family Histories and Vital Records to name a few. As limited as African American genealogical and historical resources are, it is important that those that are in existence are preserved for researchers and those seeking information on African American Ancestry and of course, those hitting the infamous "brickwall". With this in mind, a central resource and repository site for historical data and resources makes a project such as this one valuable in more ways than one. In our quest to make this a site worth visiting and using as a research and resource tool, projects are in place to develop searchable databases. These searchable databases are developing based on contributions by people such as yourself. As always, those that contribute are given credit for their contributions. Please help this project become a success by contributing regardless of how little or how much you may have to contribute. This project attempts to cover as many aspects of African American genealogy and history as possible. Using the suggestions given by visitors to the site, we have been able to start projects that were only a vision; the projects that are in place are listed in the site menu. As much as US African American Griots has grown, the work load has also grown which has led us to the concept of state and county adoptions. There are countless state and counties available for adoption for those who have and are willing to make the commitment. Researchers have been generous with their contributions; some contribute links as they run across them, others contribute materials from their personal genealogy and history files while others contribute material that does not pertain to their research but is pertinent to African Americans in their quest to discover the past. Credit for US African American Griots Project's continuance efforts to meet the goals set forth must be given to the many researchers that have placed their efforts, time and knowledge into this project. We would like to extend a gracious thank you to them and ask that they continue to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with our mission and enjoy the site.
US African American Griots Founders

Future Plans for USAAG

1 - Adoption of individual States by Researchers - most States are up for adoption
2 - Resources for African Americans Natives - will include researcher submitted data and links
3- Expansion of the Lost Family Members Album - by researchers visiting AAG
4- Expansion of the Draft Card Indexes on State Pages - to include as many military personell as possible
5 - Expansion of the Pictures from the Past Photo Album - by researchers visiting AAG

Major Contributors To the African American Griots Project

Since the African American Griots Project started in October of 2004, there have been countless researchers who have contributed data, resources and links. We do not minimize the contributions of any of our contributing researchers but would like to take a moment to recognize our major contributors We appreciate the contributions of everyone who has taken time out to assist in the success of this project. Please continue to contribute so that we can continue to be a repository of African American history.

Military Records

Pension Application of Andrew Ferguson: S32243
Pension Application of Allen Jeffers: S1770
Pension Application of Harriet Jeffers, daughter of Berry Jeffers: W10145:
Pension Applications of Gideon Griffin: W8877:
Excerpt from the John K. Martin Business Papers

Military Places & Events & People

Korean War Memorial
Revolutionary War - learning tool
Civil War Q & A Links
U.S. Army Center of Military History
The Military Career of William Hall
African American Civil War Union Soldiers
James Harris: A Free Man of Color & Revolutionary War Veteran
The Birth of the Organized Soldier
The American Revolution- units, campaigns & battles
Sandi Gorin's Tip #643: Did the serve? War of 1812 through Vietnam
When God Created a Military Wife
The Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Databases & Documents

Freedman's Bureau Records by date
American Battle Monuments Commission
CNN Iraq U.S. Coalition Casualties
Soldier's of Glory: U.S. Colored Troops in the Civil War
St. Augustine National Cemetery
Civil War Slave Compensation Claims

The History of African Americans in the Military

African American Military Timeline History of African Americans in the Civil War
African Americans roll in the "Private Navy" Jim Crow in the Spanish-American War
A brief history of World War I A brief history of World War II - 1941-1945
History of the Navy - 1917-1918 Air Force Historical Research Agency
Chronology of the Integration of the Armed Forces

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Coast Guard National Cemeteries by State

The Underground Railroad

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Rootsweb Underground Railroad Message Board

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The Underground Railroad was responsible for assisting thousands of slaves escape from slavery into freedom. They were assisted by people they named "conductors". No individual organization was responsible for helping the fugitive slaves; the Slaves were assisted by whites but mostly blacks who provided the means for them to escape to the North and Canada. The following links are an account of the journey from slavery to freedom.

Underground Railroad Conductors

Henry Bibb 1815-1854

John Brown 1800-1859

Harriet Tubman 1820 - 1913

Mary Ann Shadd 1823- ?

Anthony Burns 1834-1862

Frances E. W. Harper

Richard Pierpoint 1744-1838

Frederick Douglass 1817-1895

John "Daddy" Hall 1783-1900

Josiah Henson 1789 - ?

William Hamilton Merritt

Alexander Ross

Related Pages

John Brown's Role

Timeline by Nat'l Geographic

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Station Locations

Indiana - The Levi Coffin House

Illinois - Owen Lovejoy House

Kentucky's Underground Railroad

Indiana - Bethel A.M.E. Church

Virginia - Bruin's Slave Jail

Pennsylvania - Bethel A.M.E. Church

Kansas - John Brown's Cabin

Florida - British Fort

Iowa - Todd House

Colorado - Barney L. Ford Building

Iowa - George B. Hitchock House

Michigan - Dr. Nathan Thomas House

Iowa - Milton House

Ohio - Harriet Beecher Stowe House

New York - Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims

Maine - Harriet Beecher Stowe House

New Jersey - Peter Mott House

Massachusetts - William Lloyd Garrison House

Delaware - Appoquinimink Friends Meeting House

Connecticut - Austin F. Williams House & Carriage House

Maryland - John Brown Headquarters

District of Columbia - Mary Ann Shad Cary House

West Virginia - Jefferson Co. Courthouse

Prominent Participants of the Underground Railroad

Frederick Douglass

W. E. B. Du Bois

Frances E. W. Harper

Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Josiah Henson

Henry W. Bibb

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U. S. African American Griots

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Letter from Jackie Robinson to Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Documenting the American South

Declaration of Independence

Constitution of the United States

Family Research Project

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Family Group Sheets - Genealogy Reports - Research Notes - Family Photos - Biographies

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Mose Western Descendants

Daniel Blue - an African American Pioneer


Hiram Kendall & Mary Williams

Louis T. Sims & Nola E. Kendall

Phillip Turley & Nancy Berry


Pope Family of Wyandotte Co., Ks


Harrell Family Bible listing slave births

Slaves of Patton and Rogers of Itawamba County

North Carolina

William Pinchback & Eliza Stewart



Daniel Ferrell

So. Carolina

Online Website for Meadows


Gib Oliver Jackson

Mose Western


Dudley EVANS & Charles MARTIN & related families

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Family History O'Neal and St. Clair

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Select Freedmen's Labor Contracts - Butler Co.

Freedmen Rations Distribution-Butler Co.

Probate Records


Slave Notices


James Gilbert Newspaper Extraction


Probate Records

WWI Draft Registrations

Freedman's Bureau Signatures of Depositors


Bethany Baptist Church Records

Jefferson Co. Probate Records

Conner, Farar B., Killarney Plantation Slaves:
Women and Children Taken to Texas during the Civil War

List of Destitute Freedmen Relocated
from Charlotte, NC to Yazoo, MS

No. Carolina

Abstractions for the Surname "Ambros," "Ambrose" and "Ambers"

Freedmen living on Roanoke Island likely to become destitute during the Winter 1866-1867

Washington Co. Marriages - partial listing

Probate Records





Probate & Emancipation Records

So. Carolina

Probate Records

Records of the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company

More Records of the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company

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Incarcerated Criminals 1607 - 1982 - partial listing

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Brochure of the1963 March on Lincoln Memorial Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

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Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States

Gibbons v. Ogden

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The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793

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The Stono Rebellion

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Watch Night Service Poem

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Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement

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Fort Mose; the first Black Settlement

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A Thanksgiving Sermon (1808)

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Now That I am Gone

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On the rejection of the Bill abolishing slave trade

The Little Black Boy

The Slave Lament

Select Poems by William Cowper

The Dying Negro, a Poem

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John Harris "The Fall of Slavery"

Slavery Poem by Hannah More

The Wrongs of Africa - Part 1

The Wrongs of Africa - Part 2

Poems about Slavery by William Wordsworth

A Poem on the Inhumanity of Slavery

National Archives Microfilm Publications

Signature Cards of

Depositors in Branches of the

Freedman's Savings and Trust Company 1865 -1874

Microcopy No. 816

(Partial Listing of Records)

This collection is a very good research tool if used in the context in which it was created. I have included the Introduction given by the

National Archives Microfilm Publications since it is best explained by them. Before going any further please take a moment

to read their introduction for this collection.

Roll 3 - Little Rock, Arkansas Roll 12 - Shreveport, La.
Roll 4 - District of Columbia Roll 13 - Baltimore, Md.
Roll 7 - Augusta, Ga.
Roll 14 - Columbus/Natchez, Ms.

Roll 8 - Savannah, Ga. Roll 16 - St. Louis, Mo.
Roll 9 - Savannah, Ga. Roll 17 - New York, N.Y.
Roll 11 - Lexington, Ky. Roll 25 - Nashville, Tn.
Roll 11 - Louisville, Ky. Roll 26 - Richmond, Va. & Norfolk, Va.
Roll 12 - New Orleans, La. -
Family Search - Freedman's Bank Records on Cd

Let My People Go: The Healing Stories Behind the Freedman Bank Records

Roll 3

Little Rock, Ark. Accounts 153 - 1358

Feb. 27, 1871 - July 15, 1874

Record No Surname Given Name Spouse Remark


Joseph H.

Parents: Shedrech? Burkes & Maria Young




Parents: Anthony Guise & Maria Hall



John W.

Parents: Eli & Lilly




James Edwards

Parents: Father unknown Mother: Doreas




Lida G.

Born: Indiana




Parents: John & Martha





Parents: Merife? & Mary




Parents: Giles Gully & Margaret A. Gully




Margaret Ann

Parents: Adam Lee & Jane Gully




Arcy H.

Parents: Lifi? & Frances





Parents: Adam Howard & Celia



William Lee

Parents: George & Nancy Jones




Parents: Samuel & Susanna




Parents: Robert & Hannah Lewis



John H.


Parents: Everett Logan & Jane



Willie S.

Parents: John & Julia




Parents: Wash Phillips & Maria Hill



Rich W.

Parent: Michael Pritchard

Complexion: White



John L.

Born: Camden Co., N. C.





Parents: Alford & Malinda




Neptune Smith

Born: Warren Co., N. C.




Parents: William Tuller & Rose Winstead




Parents: William Tuller & Rose Winstead

Roll 4

Washington, D. C.

Accounts 1 - 1553; - 3500 - 7197 - 7406 - 9315

July 11, 1865 - Dec. 30, 1871

Record No.





703 BERRY Mrs. Matilda Born: Prince George Co., MD Master/Mistress: Thomas & Peggy Sungle
148 BLANTON Frederick Born: Woodford Co., KY Master/Mistress: William & Lydia Cleveland
704 BOLTON Mrs. Maria - Master/Mistress: Thomas & Kathy Newman?
97 BRIGHT Perry Born: Henry Co., KY Master: Henry Lorce
99 CALLOWAY Lewis Born: Shelly Co., KY Master/Mistress: Parauer? & Monica? Calloway
93 CRUTCHER Elijah Born: Hardin Co., KY Master: Stephen Crutcher
145 DENNIS Samuel Born: Fayette Co., KY Master/Mistress: Obed T. & Betsy Dennis
33 FIELDS Joseph Born: Bourbon Co., KY Residence: Williamsburg, near Paris, KY
34 FLETCHER Phillip Born: Jessamine Co., KY
114 Regiment

Residence: Camp Nelson, KY

100 GANKINS Charles Born: Scott Co., KY Master: Henry Herndon
146 GREENE George Born: Basin Spings - Clarke Co., KY Master/Mistress: Walter & Letecia Preston
98 HENDERSON Benjamin Born: Hall Co., GA Master/Mistress: Robert & Frances Henderson
36 MORRIS Marion Born: Bourbon Co., KY Residence: Williamsburg, Bourbon Co., KY
35 OLDHAM Samuel Born: Madison, KY 114th Regiment
95 SIMPSON Willis Born: Nelson Co., KY Master: Griffin Willet
706 SAMUEL James Henry Born: Richmond Co., VA Master: Seth Rockwell
147 THOMPSON Thornton Born: Mercer Co., KY Mistress: Martha F. Bohon
94 VINCENT James Born: Marion Co., KY Master/Mistress: James & Sarah Vincent
96 WILSON Henry Born: Shelby Co., KY Mistress: Mrs. Bailey
Roll 12

New Orleans, La. - Accounts

5-1017 & 4365-8569

June 20, 1866 - June 29, 18__

Roll 12

Shreveport, La. Accounts 149 - 1320

Feb. 11, 1971 - June 29, 1874

Record No.











Master: John Frizzell




Born: Nashville, Tn.




Ch___ Jackson

Parents: Jack Godfrey & Janey




Master: Graham Moore




Parents: Southern Shine




Parents: Jack Wilson &

Carey Wilson




Master: ___ Patton




Parents: Juan & Marie




Parents: Juan & Marie

Roll 16

St. Louis, Mo. Accounts

223 - 366

April 6 - Oct. 8, 1869

Record No. Surname Given Name Spouse Remark
285 B_______ Elizabeth? C______ Parents: C. Taylor & R. Taylor?
284 BARNETT John - Parents: John & Eliza Barnett
292 BASASIDES Olivia Robt. Basasides Parents: John & Vivian Reck
238 CORBIN Alexander - Parents: Fielding & Julia Corbin
291 DOUGLAS Chas. H. - Parents: Frank & Hannah
289 Lodge #3 Henry Turner? - See Card
290 OFFET John - Parents: Fielding & Catharine Offet
235 PALUN Randolph - Parents: Johnson & Francis Palun
293 RIPPINS Silvia Nathaniel Rippins Parents: Edward & Angela Jones
283 ROBINSON Benjamin - Parents: Jno & Annie Robinson
294 SAMUELS Julia Ann Anderson Samuels Parents: Richard & Caroline Marshall
287 SIMS Charles Emma Sims Parents: Catharine A. Murphy
288 SMITH? Chas. - Parents: J. L. & Martha A. Smith
237 TAGGERT Elizabeth Joseph Taggert Parents: Charles & Hannah Bell
236 TERRILL Latishia Richard Terrill Application date: April 23, 1869
286 YOUNG Green Silvia Parents: Sam & Judy Young
Roll 17

New York, N.Y. Accounts

1422 - 6943

Feb. 20, 1871 - July 6, 1874

Record No. Surname Given Name Spouse Remark
2512 BANTA Sarah Jane (Long) Abraham
Parents: Jacob J. & Maria

Complexion: White

2555 BERRY Mellissa Celia Joseph Aaron Hill Parents: William Bower & Jane
1431 BASSETT Charles - Parents: William H. (Porter) & Mary A.
1428 BURRELL Walter Willy Maggie C. Parents: Solomon & Alinda
2513 CARTWANGA William Henry - Parents: Lewis & Julia
2552 BECHT Edward Augustus Emily
Parents: Julius & Catharine

Complexion: White

4163 COY Mary Elizabeth - Parents: John & Arabella
2242 CUNNINGHAM Henry/Abyssinian Baptist Church Mary Ann Parents: Robert & Nancy
1430 DICKENS William Thomas - Parents: William & Bella
2515 GAWAN Henry - See record 2514
2514 GAWAN Jean -
Parents: Francis & Mary Ann

Complexion: White

2241 HENRY Jeminia Newport Parents: John Graham & Ramona
2553 McLEOD Elizabeth - Parents: Hector & Susan
2240 MILLINGS William Horton Maria Parents: John A. & Elizabeth
2554 MULLIGAN Mary -
Parents: John & Eliza

Complexion: White

4164 PORTER Mary - Parents: Thomas & Agnes
1429 RAUD Augusta - Parents: Charles & Sarah
2243 WARDELL Hannah Ann Geo? Parents: Pass & Jane
Roll 25

Nashville, Tn. - Accounts

4174 - 6189

Dec. 23, 1871 - June 23, 1874

Record No. Surname Given Name Spouse Remarks
4415 ALLEN Clinton - Aged: 12 - Parents: Aleck & Minty
4869 BARNES Lindsay - Aged: 13 - Parents: Lindsay & Jane
4413 BELL Henry Jane Parents: Jordan & Barbara Bell?
4422 BRADFORD Caroline - Aged: 15 - Parents: Henry & Martha
4423 GUDAY? Dardis - Parents: Allen & Maria
4416 PERKINS Hannah Isham Parents: Saml & Frankie
4414 PORTERFIELD Horace - Parents: Charley & Sophia
4421 ROSH Elizabeth Anthony Parents: David & Susan
4871 RUFAELL Dick - About 18 - Parents: Charles & Lucy
4870 SMITH David - Aged: 13 - Parents: Ben & Francis
4424 STRANGE Sonia Calvin Parents: Enoch & Manilla?
4872 TIMMONS Samuel - Aged: 15 - Parents: Carter & Mary

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Donate a list of local African American schools, churches or cemeteries

When visiting the Courthouse for the purpose of researching, use a digital camera or photcopy records such as "Colored Marriage Records, Marriage Bonds, Certificates, Emancipations, Manumissions or Wills


Credit for the submission will be given to the Contributor.

When submitting records that are not fully African American, please state them as such.

If a category is not in place for the information that is being contributed, one will be provided.

When partial listings are submitted, please state them as such.

If records are for a certain county please state within the document what county and state they relate to.

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No copyrighted material unless written permission is included with the submission. When public records (birth, death marriage certificates), are being submitted, they may be submitted in their original format.

African American Vital Records

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BANKS, Ardis - (DC) - California

BIXTER, Will - (BC) - Alabama

BROWN, James Henry - (DC) - Ohio

BROWN, Lucy - (DC) - Washington, D.C.


CARR, Oscar - (DC) - Alabama

COKER, Bertha - (DC) - Missouri

COLLIER, Clyde Era - (DC) - Pennsylvania

CRITZ, Catharine - (BC) - Virginia

CULBERTSON, Sarah - (DC) - Alabama



FISHBACK, Willa - (DC) - Ohio

FISHBACK, William - (DC) - Ohio

FOSTER, John Ellis - (DC) - Alabama


GIVENS, Susan - (DC) - GA


HARRISON, Maggie - (DC) - Alabama

HOUSTON, Verlee - (BC) - Missouri


JAMES, Thelma - (BC) - Missouri

JOHNSON, Thomas - (DC) - (Born in Alabama)


LANE, James - (DC) - Alabama


MADISON, Charles - (DC) - Virginia

McDUFFEE, Chaney - (DC) - Georgia

MITCHELL, Mollye Louis - (DC) - California


PIERCE, Oscar - (DC) - Alabama

POOL, Sampson - (DC) - Alabama

PORTER, Elizabeth - (DC) - Virginia/Texas


RUCKER, Zachariah - (DC) - Georgia


SILAS Sr., Gilbert - (DC) - Georgia

SIMS, Louis - (DC) - Illinois

SIMS, Myrtle - (DC) - Illinois

SIMS, Nola Elizabeth - (DC) - Illinois

SIMS, Wilbur - (DC) - Illinois

SMITH, Alberta Christine - (DC) - Virginia

SMITH, Franklin - (BC) - Mississippi

STINNETT, Walter Lee - (DC) - Missouri


TAYLOR, Jane Marie - (BC) - Missouri

TAYLOR/TAILOR, Ray R - (BC) Missouri

TRAWICH, Frances - (DC) - Georgia*

TUCKER, Rutha - (DC) - Georgia

TURLEY, Biddie - (DC) - Illinois

TURLEY, Cull - (DC) - Illinois

TURLEY, Lenus - (DC) - Illinois


WALKER, Richmond - (DC) - Texas


WESTERN, Wilbert P. - (DC) California

ZIEGLER, Thomas S.